Glorious Gouache

I love gouache but I find it so time consuming to mix up my colours each time I paint.
Also sometimes the lids get stuck and they are so hard to remove.


What I discovered from watching tutorials about gouache, is that
it is ok if the paint dries because it can be reconstituted with water.
So I decided to mix up my colours into these little pots and now i just
add water to them when I need them . It is working out brilliantly
so far, I love it !
These are my cool colours


Here are my warm colours


Here are a few other colours I use a lot.


A few more colours & white


I also made a little guide incase I want to make these colours again.


Gouache – Potted plant series

I had a lot of scrap paper lying around so I decided to make some mini art journals.
I filled this one with a series of potted plants ( painted with gouache)
I am really loving gouache at the moment. The vibrancy of the colours is just
so stunning to me .