100 double page sketchbook spreads. 1 of 100

Hand painted notebooks

I recently bought some liquitex acrylic paint.
I’ve since discovered that it is perfect to use for decorating notebooks.
On the first notebook I painted a bunny. I’m going to give this to one of my pen pals for Easter.
On the second I painted a floral design.
I plan on filling this notebook with lots of patterns & illustration ideas.



New paint !

I bought a lovely new acrylic paint set. I gave it a whirl painting this flamingo and I love it, there are so many bright colours ! I’ve been doing a 100 day painting challenge on instagram using gouache but I’m about to mix it up at day 50 and use acrylic for 50 – 100. Can’t wait !


Hand painted envelopes

Since January 2015 I have been sending letters to pen pals all over the world !
It is the best hobby as it allows you to be creative with paper and also make friends
with people by writing letters to them. I love coming up with new ideas of what to send
my friends in the mail.
I thought it might look nice if I painted some envelopes with gouache .
Here are the results 🙂


Pattern Play

Experimenting with colour & pattern .

Top – Mint green, royal Blue, dusty pink, white (gouache)
Metallic gold ( Lumiere by Jacquard )

Bottom – Light pink, yellow orange, red, white (gouache)
Metallic gold ( Lumiere by Jacquard )


Glorious Gouache

I love gouache but I find it so time consuming to mix up my colours each time I paint.
Also sometimes the lids get stuck and they are so hard to remove.


What I discovered from watching tutorials about gouache, is that
it is ok if the paint dries because it can be reconstituted with water.
So I decided to mix up my colours into these little pots and now i just
add water to them when I need them . It is working out brilliantly
so far, I love it !
These are my cool colours


Here are my warm colours


Here are a few other colours I use a lot.


A few more colours & white


I also made a little guide incase I want to make these colours again.