100 double page sketchbook spreads. 1 of 100

Colourful pages

Having fun with colour and shapes !

Sketchbooks – May 2018

I spent most of May using my new liquitex acrylic paint set. I really love all the colours in the collection, I can’t pick a favourite haha !

I used them in my sketchbooks here. The top little sketchbook is a tea journal. I like to keep tea bag packaging from tea bags my pen pals have sent me in here !

The bottom sketchbook is my ideas journal, it’s bits and pieces of things that inspire me .


Deep Sea Diving

I’m one of those boring people who like David Attenborough documentaries . I’m hooked especially if it has anything to do with the deep sea.
All it takes is a weird fish to reel me in.

Materials used – Reeves gouache paint, Lumiere by Jacquard gold paint,
Handmade sketchbook (110gsm cartridge paper) .


Pattern Play

Experimenting with colour & pattern .

Top – Mint green, royal Blue, dusty pink, white (gouache)
Metallic gold ( Lumiere by Jacquard )

Bottom – Light pink, yellow orange, red, white (gouache)
Metallic gold ( Lumiere by Jacquard )