Tiny house – Art challenge

I’ve started a new challenge on my Instagram @jessfreemanillustration . It’s a fun tiny house drawing challenge . There are so many cool houses to draw like a snow globe house & haunted house. Eek ! So excited to draw them all ! This one is a floating house .Definitely worth checking out the challenge if you love drawing . You can find it on @ghost_puff Instagram page 😊😊😊


Little houses & animals – Sketch

Lately I’ve really enjoyed drawing animals and cute little houses.
I feel that you can really let your imagination run wild when you are drawing little houses. There are no rules, you can have as many windows and decorations as you like .
I also enjoy drawing animals, so I can dress them up in funky clothes πŸ™‚


Hand painted notebooks

I recently bought some liquitex acrylic paint.
I’ve since discovered that it is perfect to use for decorating notebooks.
On the first notebook I painted a bunny. I’m going to give this to one of my pen pals for Easter.
On the second I painted a floral design.
I plan on filling this notebook with lots of patterns & illustration ideas.