100 double page sketchbook spreads. 1 of 100

Pastel vibes

My usual style is to use as many colours as possible, but I think this limited pastel colour range is kind of cute ?

May 2018


The month that was – There were countless sunny autumn days that were enjoyed, all the plants in the garden were happy to be soaking up the warmth as well ( just look at those delicious oranges ! ). I completed my 100 day painting challenge, there were lots of animals in top hats . Giant ant ornaments and bobbly birds made a new home in the garden. In true Agatha Christie style, Crooked house kept me guessing right till the end with who the killer was & cozy warm winter socks were found at Daiso.

Park Days – Sketch

I bought this lovely new sketchbook from miniso and started it by sketching this fun little
scene. I’m not used to drawing entire scenes, usually just focus on one particular object
or animal. Though I think I’m going to do more sketches like this. It’s a great way to brainstorm new ideas and just draw whatever comes to mind.


Glorious Gouache

I love gouache but I find it so time consuming to mix up my colours each time I paint.
Also sometimes the lids get stuck and they are so hard to remove.


What I discovered from watching tutorials about gouache, is that
it is ok if the paint dries because it can be reconstituted with water.
So I decided to mix up my colours into these little pots and now i just
add water to them when I need them . It is working out brilliantly
so far, I love it !
These are my cool colours


Here are my warm colours


Here are a few other colours I use a lot.


A few more colours & white


I also made a little guide incase I want to make these colours again.